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Shutter Pro 4.1
Версия: 4.1
Разработчик: Shutter
Совместимость: для Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista, 2000
Интерфейс: RUS (на русском)
Лицензия: полная версия
Файл: Shutter_Pro_4.1___Portable.rar
Размер: 5MB

Описание программы Shutter Pro 4.1

Компактная многофункциональная утилита для управления питанием компьютера. Вы сможете выключить, перезагрузить, перевести в режимы гибернации / сна / ждущий ваш компьютер, а также доступно отключение монитора, регулирование громкости, запуск программ, воспроизведение звуков, закрытие процессов. Скачать бесплатно Shutter Pro по ссылке ниже.

New features:
* Added "Now" button for using the current time in On Time and Weekly events.
* Cleaner layout of User Inactive event configuration.
* Show Alarm and Message forms separately on taskbar.
* Fixed Alarm and Message forms not staying on top when main application form is hidden.
* Updated copyright information.
* Added "Run Preset" action. Allows execution of multiple event-action schedules.
* Warn if preset supplied through the command line could not be loaded. Do not silently start the default preset.
* Set error exit code when failed to execute quick action from the command line.
* Added quick actions: Turn Off Monitor, Mute Volume, Unmute Volume.
* Internal code refactoring for events and actions.
* Fixed miscoding of purchase URL on the Web Interface.
* Restart events when any kind of power resume occurs, instead of only when triggered by user input.
* Refactored internal suspend/resume operations on power events.
* Added new Weekly event for triggering actions on specific days of the week.
* Increased input range of hours/minutes/seconds to 10000 in Countdown event.
* Added optional date selection to On Time event.
* Cleaned layout of Countdown and On Time events.
* Added options to export events and actions to clipboard.
* Enable the shutdown privilege before suspending the system.
* Revised code for enabling the shutdown privilege.
* Revised code for detecting Windows version.
* Display status of each action in the new Status table column.
* Capture result of routines for quitting/closing/killing by window name.
* Use exit code "1" instead of "0" when killing external processes.
* Minor refactoring and code improvements.

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5 MB


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